Blogging on Middleman

Moved my personal blog to Middleman from WordPress. Highlights the freedom of having a full Ruby-based framework, but without the overhead of a full-blown database-driven site.
31 December 2016 – blog, ruby, middleman, web, framework

tmux Introduction, Configuration, and Boot-Time Setup

How to get started with tmux (v2.1). Walks through basic tmux concepts, how to configure key mappings, and how to script an automated setup at boot-time.
23 May 2016 – linux, shell, tmux, vnc



Colorfully Manage Btrfs Snapshots

Simple Ruby script to manage Btrfs snapshots via a daily cron job.
07 August 2015 – btrfs, ruby, snapshots, subvolumes

Reconfigure Dell PERC H310 RAID-0 to RAID-1

Changing the RAID type from 0 to 1 on a live Dell R520 system with a PERC H310 disk controller.
21 July 2015 – dell, h310, idrac, perc, r520, raid, westerndigital

Switch to Btrfs from Hardware RAID

Migration to btrfs RAID 10 from hardware RAID 10.
19 July 2015 – btrfs, dell, h310, jbod, linux, luks, perc, r520, raid, westerndigital

Ubiquiti, I Think I'm in Love

Making the switch from consumer-oriented networking devices to feature-rich, enterprise-ready devices.
01 May 2015 – edgerouter, network, router, switch, ubiquiti


Severe Hand RSI Pain and Recovery

Some notes on severe RSI pain and the many options to attempt to make it go away.
13 October 2014 – rsi, pain

Update MacPorts via rsync Behind a Firewall Over SSH

Update MacPorts via ssh and an available server on the Internet.
13 October 2014 – linux, macports, rsync, ssh



Systems: Because You Can't Count That Fast

Some notes from a talk to kids about how big companies use systems to automate work.
27 April 2013 – erp, kids, ruby, script

Cleanup Unused Linux Kernels in Ubuntu

A script to cleanup old Ubuntu Linux kernels that consume too much space over time.
04 February 2013 – apt-get, boot, dpkg, kernel, linux, script, sed, uname, xargs

Managing A Large Photo Library With Lightroom, Dropbox, and Crashplan

How to manage a library of multiple thousands of photos in Lightroom, and automate workflow and backup with Dropbox and Crashplan.


Stop Taking Lossy JPG Screen Shots for Text in OS X. Use PNG.

Make a quick system tweak to take screen shots that look pixel perfect in OS X.
07 November 2012 – jpg, png, lossy, lossless, screenshots

Controlling Movies in QuickTime Player X (10.1) With AppleScript

Take arguments from the command line and open a movie, resize it, set the volume, and start playing the movie.
19 July 2012 – apple, applescript, movie, quicktime, script

Understanding Offsite Backup vs. Local Backup vs. Syncing

Backing up (on and offsite) and syncing content can sound like the same thing for the same purpose, but there are a few critical difference that you should understand to avoid data loss.


Replacing –, ’, “, etc., with UTF-8 Characters in Ruby on Rails

Handle an issue where text content in Rails had a lot of odd charachters showing up like –, ’, “, etc.
07 November 2011 – characters, encoding, rails, ruby, utf8

Integer Compression in Ruby (Base-10 to Base-62)

Simple math to create billions of unique short link codes.
02 November 2011 – integer, math, ruby

3 Reasons Aperture and Picasa are a Great Photo Combo

Use Aperture + Picasa to meet photo storing and sharing needs.

Symbolic Links to Image Folders in Rails 3.1

Deploy with Capistrano and use a shared folder to hold static user content like images.
22 August 2011 – capistrano, rails, rails 3.1, symlink

CrashPlan for Large, Distributed, Cheap, Off-Site Backup

Online service for backing up unlimited data.
31 July 2011 – backup, crashplan, data

5TB LVM Volume with an LSI 9265-8i RAID Controller

How to configure a 5TB LVM volume with an LSI 9265-8i RAID controller.
11 June 2011 – 9265-8i, linux, lsi, lvm, raid



Converting VHS to Digital Video (DV) With Canopus (Grass Valley) ADVC-300

Using a hardware device to convert VHS to digital video.
28 December 2010 – archive, dv, tape, vhs, video

Lunchpool Alpha Launched!

Built a Ruby on Rails web app to solve the problem of what to do with the large quantities of leftover lunch at work.
05 December 2010 – app, food, lunch, lunchpool, rails, web


Install markItUp! in Ruby on Rails

How to install the popular markItUp! editor in Rails.
08 November 2008 – jquery, maritup, rails, redcloth, textile

Ruby on Rails Diff Text to HTML <ins> and <del>

Compare their differences your HTML views.
04 November 2008 – del, diff, html, ins, ruby

Ruby Script to Search Apache Logs for High Frequency Clients

Ruby script to scour through Apache logs and look for IPs that are hitting a site too frequently.
29 October 2008 – apache, log, ruby, script

Skip All Rails Filters

Skip all of the filters in a Rails controller.
24 October 2008 – filters, rails, ruby

3 Reasons to Switch to Git from Subversion

Some examples of how patching, branching, and stashing workflows in git are better than subversion alternatives.
18 October 2008 – git, subversion, workflow

Backpack Picnic: Farmer Dinner

Genius farmer son named Ma Junior argues with his farmer dad about the physical definition of work.
22 September 2008 – backpack picnic, farmer dinner, on networks

Multiple Remote Git Branches With Different Local

Handle remote repository with two branches.
21 September 2008 – branching, git

College Reporters on Facebook Style Change

College kids mad about Facebook changes.
20 September 2008 – facebook

Installing Gitweb on Fedora Linux and Apache

Install a web interface after getting projects up and running with Git.
19 September 2008 – apache, git, gitweb

Migrating a Subversion (svn) Project and Server to Git

Walks through migrating a Subversion (svn) project and server to Git.
17 September 2008 – capistrano, git, migration, rails, scm, subversion, svn

Happy Birthday to Me

I tried, but couldn't remain in my twenties forever.
16 September 2008 – birthday

Moved to WordPress

Move from hand-coded site to Wordpress.
15 September 2008 – wordpress, blog, app

Ruby On Rails RSS Reader

Moved my personal blog to Middleman from WordPress. Highlights the freedom of having a full Ruby-based framework, but without the overhead of a full-blown database-driven site.
12 July 2008 – rails, rss, ruby

Adding Talk / Discussion Pages To Trac

Simple steps to add talk pages to Trac.
03 May 2008 – talk, trac, wiki

Power Book Broadcom Wireless In Fedora Linux

How to correctly read the output from the common Linux utility top.
31 March 2008 – broadcom, linux, powerbook, wireless

Linux Server Load With Top

How to correctly read the output from the common Linux utility top.
25 March 2008 – linux, top

Nine Inch Nails: Ghosts I-IV

Short review of the Nine Inch Nails Album Ghosts I-IV
18 March 2008 – nin