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What's FreeBSD?

FreeBSD is an operating system with a Unix lineage. If you know Linux, it's not so different overall. If you know macOS, it's not so different if you use the command line. If you know Windows, it's a whole new world.

References for Newcomers

The Docs on this Site

I wrote the docs on this site for two reasons: personal notes and helping others discover FreeBSD.

First, I like to write things down so I don't forget. Everything here is essentially notes to myself.

Second, I found getting started with FreeBSD challenging. Not challenging in an "it's hard" sense, but challenging to even come up with a reason why to use it at all. I've happily used Linux systems for decades, so I needed a reason to switch. Ultimately, I found my reasons. I'm sharing them here in hopes they might be useful to someone else. In particular, I've summarized what I like about FreeBSD compared to Linux equivalents.