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I’m Mark McBride. I usually live and work in San Francisco, California, but am currently expatriated in Basel, Switzerland. I currently oversee the full scope of product data within Pharma Technical Operations at Roche. If you’re curious, check out some of the EMA’s requirements for data and you’ll get a quick feel of the degree of complexity. It’s a humbling space. Way back, I graduated from West Point with a degree in computer science and spent several years as an Army officer in the communications branch. After the military I transitioned to the corporate world and have spent time in inventory planning, demand management, ERP lauch and sustainment, and both the analytics and management sides of product data. If you want more professional background, see below.

In my free time I travel with my wife, try to keep up with my two daughters, and tinker with my Linux-based homelab. (I prefer Fedora though I have to admit, FreeBSD is growing on me). Occasionally, I pretend to be a photographer. A few years back I bought a Canon 5D and it has since kept my inner geek occupied with seemingly endless permutations for how any one photo could be captured. My current obsessions mostly revolve around audiophilia and mechanical keyboards.

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