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About Mark

Mark and Alicia at Carkeek Park
Mark and Alicia on a sunny day at Carkeek Park in Seattle, WA.

I'm Mark McBride. I work in CAR-T cell therapy in Seattle and London. I lead teams that integrate technology solutions in a very new segment of personalized healthcare.

I graduated from West Point with a degree in computer science and spent several years as an Army officer in the Signal Corps. After the military I shifted my career toward biotechnology and have worked at Genentech, Roche, Juno, Celgene, Bristol Myers Squibb, and now Autolus.

Outside of work you can find me geeking out in my garage home lab, chasing kids, traveling with my wife, and cheering on the Mariners and Seahawks.

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  • Email -
  • IRC - I'm usually idling on Libera with the nick @markmcb
  • Mastodon - I'm @markmcb on
  • Professionally - email or LinkedIn, Résumé & CV available upon request