Grüezi Audrey!

November 25, 2015 – tagged as baby

I’m happy to introduce to the world, Audrey Elizabeth McBride! (For you non-Swiss folks, “grüezi” is equivalent to “hi” or “hello” here in Basel.)


Audrey was born in Basel, Switzerland at the Universitätsspital (University Hospital) at 8:50pm on Tuesday, 24 November 2015. She weighed in at 6 pounds 15 ounces, and measured 19.7 inches in length.

Both Alicia and Audrey are doing great and getting a lot of needed rest. Audrey’s middle name is borrowed from Alicia’s great grandmother, Elizabeth Daingerfield. The selection of her first name followed precedent set with Marlowe, and wasn’t decided until about 20 hours after her birth. There were many great choices, but in the end we chose Audrey and an overwhelming majority of the hospital staff agreed. :-)

For those of you looking for pics, email me.


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Christian Marcel • November 25, 2015 • Reply

Congrats !!! Now there are TWO. Enjoy your time around your beautiful family. Now your house is like a frat house (again): nobody sleeps and a lot of throwing up :-)

Aunt Linda • November 28, 2015 • Reply

Congrats!! What a precious bundle of joy. Audrey is beautiful. You all look so proud. Especially Grandmommy Terry. So happy for all. Hugs, Aunt Linda

Cherlene • December 1, 2015 • Reply

Congratulations to the new addition to the family!! Awwww.. she looks too lovely!! :)

Linda • December 1, 2015 • Reply

Welcome Audrey!

Well done to choose the start of your adventure in Basel :-)

Greetings (eine Baslerin)

Ann & Andy • December 1, 2015 • Reply

Wow, such a beautiful daughter and a wonderful name! Congratulations and love from Ann & Andy, Claire, Alex & Nick!!

Jan • December 21, 2015 • Reply

Welcome Audrey!

Congratulations, to you parents and sister. Merry Christmas & a happy new year!

Liz Dulay • December 21, 2015 • Reply

Congratulations to you both and welcome Audrey!

Happy Holidays!