Some of my favorite Nine Inch Nails tracks are the purely instrumental ones. I have always thought that Trent Reznor does an amazing job of conveying images through sound. Much to my surprise and satisfaction, Trent posted a new album to their site a few days ago called Ghosts I-IV, which is entirely instrumental.

I think it’s pretty good. It is definitely the most mellow thing he’s ever put out. Some of the tracks are quite impressive in terms of intricate sound. I can’t wait to hear this album in digital surround sound because it has a precise detail that you just don’t get in most music and surround sound would really bring that out.

Aside from sound, each track of the digital copy has an embedded image that goes along with the track. The image from track 16 is shown to the left. As Trent states on his site, “This collection of music is the result of working from a very visual perspective - dressing imagined locations and scenarios with sound and texture; a soundtrack for daydreams.”

If you get a chance, check it out. You can listen to most of the music free from the site. For $5, you can download it all.