About Mark McBride

Edge of the Grand Canyon

I’m Mark McBride.  I usually live and work in San Francisco, California, but am currently expatriated in Basel, Switzerland.  I graduated from West Point with a degree in computer science and spent 5 years as an Army officer with a 2003 tour in Iraq leading a communications unit.

I’m out of the military and lead a team that oversees the implementation of ERP and related systems that have global scope for product and supply chain operations at F. Hoffmann-La Roche (or just “Roche”).  It’s pretty cool stuff.

I also develop web applications and hack on Linux systems. My go-to web framework is Ruby on Rails, and most of my hacking is done from the latest Fedora release. I’ve done a little bit of everything from small personal projects, to augmenting enterprise applications.

Occasionally, I pretend to be a photographer.

Professional Resources

  • Résumé, 2 pdfs available (short/long versions)
  • LinkedIn, I update this less frequently, but it’s a good resource for people I’ve worked with.

How to Contact Me

  • Questions/Comments – if you’ve got a question about something I’ve written, please contact me via the comments on the site.
  • Liked Something? – if you found something particularly useful, please share the link on Twitter.
  • Email – mark@markmcb.com