College Reporters on Facebook Style Change


I like the Internet. I like web sites. I spend significant hours of my life with my computer. (I view it as my slave, forced to do my hardest work. But that’s another post.) Despite all of my time and interest, I don’t get the social networking fanatics. I saw an iReport video on CNN about some kids trying to petition the new style and layout on Facebook and I couldn’t help but think, “what?” (Seriously, watch it.)

Is it just me, or were you thinking, “college student?” when that second guy came on? And what about the first kid? He seems like he should be joking, but he’s not. Best of all is when they start talking about the attention the college kid has now with his group. The college kids says it’s annoying because people disagree with him. Ah, a good ol’ dose of reality. Some advise for this kid: when you protest a $15B company’s actions, don’t expect it to be easy. You might actual have to *gasp* work to get what you want if you feel it’s that important.

On the flipside, I hope it works out for him. I hate the new Facebook layout too.