Installing Gitweb on Fedora Linux and Apache

My next natural step after getting my projects up and running with Git was to install a web interface. Gitweb was my choice because:

  • it’s available via yum with Fedora
  • it provides up-to-date diff information
  • it’s part of the overall Git package, so it’s tightly integrated

Installation was ultimately quite simple, but I found the install docs to be less than helpful for people like me who want immediate functionality and will get to the tweaks and details later.

Step 1: Install Gitweb

sudo yum install gitweb

This will install a few files at /var/www/git.  You shouldn’t need to do anything to them.

Step 2: Create /etc/gitweb.conf

You need a configuration file to tell Gitweb where to look for your project.  You can change this folder to wherever your project will be.

$ echo "\$projectroot = '/srv/git/';" > /etc/gitweb.conf

Step 3: Edit Apache Configuration File

This configuration file assumes you are running your site as a virtual host.


    DocumentRoot /var/www/git

          Allow from all
          AllowOverride all
          Order allow,deny
          Options ExecCGI

               SetHandler cgi-script

     DirectoryIndex gitweb.cgi
     SetEnv  GITWEB_CONFIG  /etc/gitweb.conf

Step 3: Tweak Your Repository’s Config File

Gitweb lists two key elements at the start of your project’s page: description and owner.  To have these display something appropriate, edit /srv/git/yourproject.git/description:

My Awesome Project

… and add this to /srv/git/yourproject/.git/config:

        owner = "Mark McBride"

Step 4: Restart Apache

That’s it.  Just restart Apache and you should find Gitweb running at the domain you’ve specified.


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  1. Description line is wrong. Instead of “/srv/git/yourproject/.git/description” should be “/srv/git/yourproject.git/description”

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